Improve security with digital key control

Keep track of keys, key fobs and work equipment 100% digitally. No more incorrect registrations, data loss or complaints.

Digital key management is an important part of overall corporate security

LokiTime allows you to see a real-time inventory of keys and items, leaving paper records and Excel files behind. Check-outs are conveniently done via a mobile phone, so you can collect digital agreements in one place and minimize data entry errors. Best of all, you create a unified key management process throughout the organization.


Hand over and control keys, access tags or other valuable items. LokiTime is compatible with all locking systems and key cabinets.


Always know who has the items and if they have not been returned on time. Check-out via a smart device and store the agreements in the cloud.

Share information

Share the same, real-time information about each property and key with the security team, maintenance companies, and property manager.

Here’s how it works

Add items to the system
Check out items with the mobile app
Done! A contract is saved in the cloud
Manage anywhere, at anytime

Digital key control is suitable for many different industries

Commercial leasing

Minimize key loss and general key management errors while improving your company’s profitability.

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Property maintenance

Improve workflow and reduce delays by implementing a digital key management process.

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Property management

Manage a large number of keys easily while improving customer satisfaction. Minimize incorrect handovers and ambiguities.

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Industrial companies

Minimize security risks with better management of keys and assets.

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Public sector

Reduce delays and costs caused by lost keys while improving security.

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Residential leasing

Minimize key losses, key handling errors and improve business profitability.

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“Now we have exact information on the number of keys, where they are and who has signed for keys. Many of my colleagues are in a completely different situation.”

Sakari Meriläinen, Mall of Tripla

Here’s how much you can save

How many properties do you manage?

0 €

Money saved annually


Time saved annually

The above estimates are based on an average number of keys per property and time and money spent dealing with misplaced and lost keys.

Get extra security for your keys with the LokiTime security tag!

When an important set of keys goes missing, the bill can be very expensive. With LokiTime’s security tag, lost keys can be quickly found and unnecessary costs avoided. The security tag service is quick and easy to install. The tag is attached to the keychain and the keys are tracked using LokiTime. The tag also contains information about a finder’s fee.

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      Improve the security of your business with key management

      Minimize unnecessary costs for lost items and take workplace safety to a new level.

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