The new standard in digital key management

Manage keys, access cards, and tools 100% digitally. No more incorrect entries, data loss, or reclamations.


Always have information about who has the keys and if they have not been returned on time. Sign out keys with a mobile app and manage via browser.


Hand out and manage keys, fobs and work equipment easily. Compatible with any locking system and key cabinet.


Share the same real-time information about each property and key with the locksmith, maintenance company and property manager.

“Now we have exact information on the number of keys, where they are and who has signed for keys. Many of my colleagues are in a completely different situation.”

Sakari Meriläinen, Mall of Tripla

Here’s how much you can save

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Money saved annually


Time saved annually

The above estimates are based on an average number of keys per property and time and money spent dealing with misplaced and lost keys.

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