Digital key control for property maintenance companies

Improve workflow and reduce delays by implementing a digital key management process.

Many benefits for property maintenance companies

For property maintenance, LokiTime offers powerful tools to manage large amounts of keys and key lending volumes. The LokiTime security tag and electronic agreements ensure the return of keys and reduce complaints. Automatic reminders and complete key information make key management for property management fast, secure and efficient.


Hand over and control keys, access tags or other valuable items. LokiTime is compatible with all locking systems and key cabinets.


Always know who has the items and if they have not been returned on time. Check-out via a smart device and store the agreements in the cloud.

Share information

Share the same, real-time information about each property and key with the security team, maintenance companies, and property manager.

Benefits of digital key control for property maintenance companies

Discover the many benefits and applications of digital key control.

    Property maintenance customer cases

    “Now we have precise information on the number of keys, where they are and to whom the keys have been handed over. I know that many of my colleagues do not take this for granted.”

    Sakari Meriläinen, Real estate manager, Mall of Tripla

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