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The Deaconess Foundation received a key registry, which keeps up to date

The Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation sr (Deaconess Foundation) is one of Finland’s largest private social and healthcare service providers. In addition to support activities, the Deaconess Foundation provides residential care for its clients, among other things. The Deaconess Foundation also has external housing companies, residences and business spaces, which it rents out.

Deaconess Foundation reception with LokiTime key control

The management of keys and access control tags at the Deaconess Foundation used to be done in the old-fashioned way, with paper and pen. Managing the forms in the old key registry and taking an inventory of the keys was extremely challenging, with additional problems caused by the registry not being up-to-date and having to track down the right papers when keys were returned after the end of a long work or customer relationship.

Implementing LokiTime was easy

The switch to the new key control system has happened surprisingly smoothly, and in addition, Sowellus has always been available and ready to answer the customer’s questions. “The operating system is simple. You don’t need a degree to understand it, rather anyone can learn to use it,” says the real estate secretary of the Deaconess Foundation, Kaisla Haro.

The new system is cost-effective and secure

At the Deaconess Foundation, LokiTime is used in the signing for and returning of keys, which can now be done easily with the application. However, the ease of taking inventory of the keys and the cost-effectiveness this brings is what is appreciated the most at the Deaconess Foundation: “The system shows us immediately which keys and access control tags we have ready in storage. It saves us a lot when we don’t have to order new keys for the property. When the entire group uses the system, it is estimated to save even thousands of euros per year.”

“When the entire group uses the system, it is estimated to save even thousands of euros per year” – Kaisla Haro, real estate secretary of the Deaconess Foundation

LokiTime’s information security is also praised: “Sowellus is a trustworthy Finnish partner with reliable software. LokiTime is easy to implement in terms of information security as well. You don’t need to worry whether the information is going elsewhere,” says Kaisla. 

Implementing key control, one area at a time

The Deaconess Foundation has implemented LokiTime one area at a time. Currently, the company’s key control in almost the entire Helsinki metropolitan area is managed using LokiTime.

“LokiTime has worked wonderfully, and the Sowellus staff have been very open to development suggestions. Their customer service is good, situations are immediately resolved and customers are treated as if they were the most important customer of all. I would recommend LokiTime to absolutely anyone who works with key control: property management, business parks, security companies, anything at all. The benefit is great,” says Kaisla Haro.

For more information, please contact:
Kaisla Haro
Real estate secretary, Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation / Real estate asset management
+358 (0)50 532 5228